The IC2A Inspirational Medal










The IC2A Inspirational Medal. Exclusively awarded to IC2A Inspirational speakers.

Awarded to:

Ana Paulina Chavira (2023)

Christopher Hutchison (2021)

Desmond Tong (2019)

Giles Duley (2017)


Design notes
The clear and precise design of the medal reflects the encouraging vision of IC2A. The polished, clean lines of the IC2A logo shine from the centre of the medal, reflecting the light and representing the bright hopes of the Confederation for a better quality of life for amputees and individuals born with limb deficiency.
The word, “inspirational” is prominent in the design and can be interpreted in two ways.
1. Firstly, it honours the person receiving the award and recognises their inspiring life achievements. The award recognises the influence they have made by overcoming considerable personal challenges and acknowledges the encouragement they have given to other people living with limb loss.
2. Secondly, it celebrates the impact that IC2A is making within the global community of amputee associations. It acknowledges the significant commitment and tireless work of each individual association within their country or location. The combined strength of IC2A is inspiring continual developments in best practice that is helping to improve health and wellbeing around the world.

The circular design of the medal represents the global nature of IC2A’s mission – welcoming all amputee associations into membership – and represents the IC2A international forum sharing experience, knowledge and best practice.
Garnet gemstones have long been associated with inspiration and emotional healing. The setting of a sparkling polished garnet like stone in the centre of a prominent sunburst on the medal represents IC2A’s radiant hope of a brighter future.

The IC2A inspirational award medal is silver in colour and incorporates the IC2A logo with the word “inspirational” beneath. It features a multi-faceted bright garnet like stone with a starburst around it. The logo, text and outer rim of the medal are slightly raised from the surface and are polished. The background is matt.
• the medal is a circular disk shape, 40mm in diameter and 2mm thick
• manufactured in brass, plated with rhodium and coloured silver
• on the back of the medal there is both a soldered loop and a brooch pin fastening
• the medal can be worn two ways; either as a brooch with a pin fastening, or around the neck on a red and blue ribbon
• features a set, garnet like cubic zirconia at the centre of a starburst
• complete with a mitred neck ribbon in red and blue with a small carabiner fitting
• presented in a navy blue box

Designed by June Burgess in 2017.

Photograph: Claire S Pearson.