Meet the IC2A team

The IC2A Team:

Alex Cosemans (Belgium) appreciating the support of Susan Jüptner (Germany) in organising the partners programme for our Leipzig meeting

IC2A depends on a team of volunteers from all the IC2A member associations to achieve our goals. At times, when we have an event or initiative that we need more help with, we co-opt more volunteers with different experiences and expertise.

The IC2A Board 2016 – 2018:

In May 2016 we held our first Annual General Meeting in Leipzig Germany and our first elected Board was formed according to the regulations shown in our IC2A Governing Document. The term of office for our elected Board members is 2 years. The IC2A Board is comprised of 3 people elected by our country member amputee associations. Click on the links to meet the Board members:
President: Dr Nils-Odd Tønnevold, Norway – The business of success
Vice President: Dieter Jüptner, Germany – Just do it!
Secretary: Jean-Pascal Hons-Olivier, France – In pursuit of dynamic activity

IC2A Secretariat:
The Board is supported by a Secretariat Office managed by Sandra Sexton, Secretariat Manager. Click on the link to see Sandra’s biography. Sandra works with a trusted and flexible network of independent experts and administrators. Sandra is registered as a Prosthetist/Orthotist in the UK.