Christopher Hutchison awarded the third IC2A Inspirational Medal

Christopher Hutchison awarded the third IC2A Inspirational Medal

VIRTUAL – 1 November 2021

Christopher Hutchison was awarded the ISPO Inspirational Medal in 2021 on 1 November 2021 at the opening of the 18th World Congress of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics after his IC2A Inspirational Lecture.

Christopher said about the lecture and medal:

“With a focus on digital technologies the ISPO World Congress in 2021 will be turning-point in prosthetics –  for our collective community, and for fellow amputees all over the world.

Solutions that are digitally-enabled and user-centred are starting to lead to big improvements, multiplying the positive real-life impacts for so many. Adoption of these solutions will continue to evolve in our industry, bringing significant growth and opportunities for all involved.

It is a great honour and responsibility to be invited by IC2A to speak on this occasion.

With amputations myself, and working hard to develop solutions to improve lives for others with similar experiences, I hope to help energise and motivate others towards positive change.

We are all here to improve lives, and now we are getting better and better tools to work with. We all have a big part to play.”

Watch the video:

About Christopher Hutchison

Christopher Hutchison is co-founder and CTO of ProsFit, which provides end-to-end digital solutions for prosthetics provision.

In 2009 Christopher was in an accident which led to amputations of both legs (TT & TF). As a result of this, and working closely with CPOs around the world, he developed in-depth experience and knowledge of prosthetic fitting, especially in relation to sockets. This has allowed him to drive “user-generated innovation” and become a recognised positive “disruptor” in prosthetics.

Centred around the design and delivery of 3D-printed sockets that are regulated and ISO-certified medical devices, ProsFit’s proprietary solutions also integrate component selection, full limb configuration, and bench alignment. This enables low investment, easy-to-use patient care units – PandoPoints – both fixed and mobile. Being digital, these can be deployed anywhere, even in remote and challenging environments.

An economist by training, Christopher is the architect of ProsFit’s technology and business solutions. Prior to the founding ProsFit in Bulgaria in 2013, he built valuable experience in private equity, financial analysis and business development consulting.

Christopher’s IC2A Inspirational Lecture addressed his journey after amputation and how we are all moving towards the vision of “Prosthetics for All – Changing Lives through Digital Technologies”.