Peer Support for Amputees- Basic Instructional Course

At the ISPO 17th Word Congress in Kobe, Japan the International Confederation of Amputee Associations (IC2A) held a Basic Instructional Course: Peer support for amputees in the hospital and the community.

Peer support is a way of giving and receiving help based on the key principles of respect, shared responsibility and agreement on what is helpful.

Peer support offers an empathetic understanding of another person’s situation based on a mutual shared experience and can be seen in various setting, informally or formally in someone’s life. In recent years there has been more research in this area and more organisations are offering peer support services.

This Basic Instructional Course considered what peer support services are needed, available and effective with a particular focus on peer support for amputees. It explored not only examples of peer hospital visiting, but also social forms of peer support.

Resources are available from the session:

Videos of the complete session – introduction, speakers and panel discussion

Individual speaker’s presentations

Photographs and individual slides

If using the images or videos or slides for other work please credit the author and IC2A.