OneHand project

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IC2A is participating in a project funded by the European Commission. IC2A will be working with Hy5 and The Simulation Crew (TSC).

The project’s purpose is to create an improved and user centred solution for upper limb prosthetic users.

IC2A’s main roles in this project is to:

• Develop standard guidelines for upper limb patient recovery and rehabilitation in order to ensure best practices and an improved patient journey.
• Be the “voice of the user” in the project to ensure that any new processes resulting from the project will benefit the users.

In connection with this, IC2A seeks to encourage members and member organisations to get in touch if they wish to participate.

IC2A is specifically looking for:
• Feedback on rehabilitation and training practices (both from service users as well as prosthetists)

• Data on upper limb population in respective markets (e.g. population of upper limb amputees, amputees wearing prosthetics and the type of prosthetic used such as myo-electric, mechanic, cosmetic etc.)

• User feedback on current prosthetic solutions

Note that this project is for upper limb amputees only.

More detail about the OneHand project can be found on the dedicated project page.

Any interested participants can please contact Beth Sheehan ( for further information.

Photograph of Beth Sheehan, IC2A Project Officer smiling

Beth Sheehan, IC2A Project Officer