OneHand project

IC2A participated in a project funded by the European Commission that was completed in March 2024 and led by The Simulation Crew (TSC) and in collaboration with partners Ottobock (Austria) and University of Groningen, Netherlands.

The project’s purpose was to create an improved and user centred solution for upper limb prosthetic users.

IC2A’s main roles in this project was to:

  • Develop standard guidelines for upper limb patient recovery and rehabilitation in order to ensure best practices and an improved patient journey.
  • Be the “voice of the user” in the project to ensure that any new processes resulting from the project will benefit the users.

The following version 1 documents can now be shared with the wider public for rehabilitation personnel as well as for people with upper limb loss and their family and care givers to utilise.

  • Upper Limb Amputation Rehabilitation: from Context to Standards and Guidelines
  • Rehabilitation for Upper Limb Amputees: Service User Guide
  • Appendix 1: Objective Measures for Upper Limb Loss
  • Appendix 2: List of exercises without a prosthesis
  • Appendix 3: Peer Support Associations 2024
  • Appendix 4: FAQs for Service Users
  • The IC2A team will continue to progress these documents in line with current evidence and a current literature review will be published soon.

    If you would like to provide a review on these documents please email with your comments and feedback.

    IC2A thanks everyone who was involved with this project.