Amputee Associations

IC2A is an international alliance that shares experiences, knowledge and best practice to inspire improvement in the quality of life of amputees and individuals born with limb deficiency. IC2A is a non-profit organisation.

IC2A was founded in 2015 by seven founding member country Amputee Associations and is registered as a non-profit organisation in Belgium.

Current Member associations:

Australia |

Belgium: Amptraide asbl |

Cote D’Ivoire: Ipademci | and

Denmark: Amputationsforeningen |

France: ADEPA – Association de Defense et Etude des Personnes Amputees |

Germany: BMAB – Bundesverband für Menschen mit Arm- oder Beinamputation |

Ireland: Amputee Disability Federation Ireland |

Netherlands: KMK – KorterMaarKraachtig |

Nepal | Nepal Amputee Association

Norway: MOMENTUM – Foreningen for arm- og benprotesebrukere |

UK: The Limbless Association |

Slovakia: Asociácia Protetických Pacientov (APP) |

Sweden: AmpisLIV |

Switzerland: Promembro |

Uganda: Amputee Self-Help Network Uganda ASNU – Foundation

Zambia: Zambia Disability Mentorship Association|

More information about Full Membership is described in our IC2A Governing Document (English version). Please note that we only accept one IC2A full member per country and so each member is expected to collaborate nationally with any other national amputee associations.
Please contact us at membership (at) ic2a (dot) eu for more information.

Full membership information and application form:

Full Membership Application Form IC2A 2021

Full Membership Information IC2A 2021

Dates for your diary:

Annual General Meeting Number 5.

Monday 25 October 2021. Contact for information.

Application and payment process:

Please download and follow the instructions in the Full Membership application form. The IC2A Board will then review your application and if you are accepted as a member, the Board will contact you and send an invoice.

You may choose to pay full membership fees by bank transfer (payment details will be sent with the invoice) or click on the Pay Now button below to pay by credit card or PayPal.
Please use your organisation name as a payment reference.

IC2A Membership Fee