Using the reclined bike

Note: These exercises were part of a demonstration session led by expert accredited exercise physiologist Beth Sheehan for IC2A and are intended for general guidance. Individuals should always consult their health or exercise professional to ensure these exercises are appropriate for their own use.

Download exercises for individuals with lower limb prosthetics Information Sheet 4 – Using the reclined bike

Please refer to image 4 demonstrated by Mark Miller, Momentum, Norway.

  • This bike can be difficult if you don’t have the strength in your knee and thigh muscles to make a full rotation.
  • Ensure you adjust your seat length to enable comfortable rotations.
  • Keep your knees parallel (i.e. don’t let them fall out to the side).
  • Ensure you have straps on the pedals to keep your feet on the pedals at all times. This is regardless of whether you are single or double amputee.

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