Seated leg extension

Note: These exercises were part of a demonstration session led by expert accredited exercise physiologist Beth Sheehan for IC2A and are intended for general guidance. Individuals should always consult their health or exercise professional to ensure these exercises are appropriate for their own use.

Download exercises for individuals with lower limb prosthetics information sheet 1 – seated leg extension
Please refer to image 1 – demonstrated by Mark Miller, Momentum, Norway.

Image 1

• Double below knee amputee (DBKA).

• Ideally place the bar on the middle of the stump to engage the residual muscles.

• This exercise is designed to engage the quads (front of thigh muscles).

• Often the middle thigh muscles and muscles around the knee stop working appropriately. Imagine you are squeezing a small ball between your knees to keep the muscles activated and then extend your legs (lift your legs up) and stop just before your knees are straight.

• Ensure this is not aggravating your knee joints or low back.

• Adjust the seat and height of bar as necessary.

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