Leg extension excerises

Please refer to image 5, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d and 5e below as demonstrated by Mark Miller and Geir Bornkessel both representing Momentum, Norway for these exercises.

Note: These exercises were part of a demonstration session led by expert accredited exercise physiologist Beth Sheehan for IC2A and are intended for general guidance. Individuals should always consult their health or exercise professional to ensure these exercises are appropriate for their own use.

Download Exercises for individuals with lower limb prosthetics information sheet 5 – leg extension exercises

Image 5 and 5a demonstrate the start position.

Image 5
Image 5a

• This exercise works the glutes (bottom) and hamstrings (back of thigh muscles) and is a good challenge for balance and strength in the standing leg as well.

• Ensure you are standing upright with weight evenly distributed through your legs and ensure you can stand on one leg for a number of repetitions.

• Place the bar against the back of the leg under the bottom / mid-thigh (Image 5b).

Image 5b

• Kick back using your leg and bottom muscles and NOT your back muscles i.e. don’t move your back and keep upright allowing your leg to do the work. (images 5c and 5d).

Image 5c
Image 5d

• You will also feel this in your standing leg for balance etc as well.

• Slowly bring back to the start position (image 5e).

Image 5e

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